About Lok Jagrukta Foundation

Lok Jagrukta foundation NGO is working for the poor needy and underprivileged class of people living in Punjab and nearby areas as people of these areas are very less aware of diseases related to brain and spine initiate initiative taken by Dr Dipesh Batra neurosurgeon to spread the awareness for diseases like epilepsy brain tumours/hemiplegia & Stroke etc .

In spine diseases like lumbar spondylosis PAVD Kodaikanal syndrome are the common examples of people sufferings people living inRemote and underprivileged areas of the community are not aware from the suffering from these diseases there is a dire need of awareness for these in country which is still developing like India people Have very poor knowledge and very less understanding of these disease

Dr. Dipesh Batra

Founder’s Message

“Awareness improve lives” , Awareness is something that we acknowledge every single day. Right awareness at the Right time has the utmost importance. We at LJF are working on a unique idea by creating awareness among underprivileged & common by a unique outreach program. Idea is to create hands who can identify the diseased & help them getting treated accordingly.
Keeping in mind peoples suffering from epilepsy, spinal cord diseases, and grave disorders like brain diseases, stroke Migraine etc.

In brain the time matters and time is been so to save a life we have created this unique programme on a unique platform , although it is hard and tough but to save a life you have to create promote and sustain the power of awareness that can further help.

Entering the second decade of the 21st century, the pace of globalisation is accelerating, and the plight facing humans is deepening – economic crisis, political upheavals, regional conflicts, ecological deterioration, etc. The plight highlights the survival and development of human beings which need to be resolved with great wisdom, high tolerance and new technology.

Our Aim

How we Works

Aim of the NGO is to spread a word of awareness to the people who need the most so that these disease should be taken care at primordial primary secondary tertiary and at rehabilitation level so that lives of the people can be savedAnd their sufferings can be minimised .. our foundation organises awareness seminars lectures and camps in the remote villages and needy areas of the society in those camps the people the common man are educated and made aware about noncommunicable diseases like obesity diabetes hypertension their future and consequences leading to brain and spine disorders needy people areProvided with medicines and all the tests like Radiology and laboratory investigations are done at around 40% of the cost and if any patient requires surgery that is done at very minimal cost

People are being explained about the role of physiotherapy role of exercises related to cervical and lumbar spondylosis need of daily exercise diet charts weight management because the sedentary lifestyle and lack of knowledge is the modern epidermic related to spine disease
As people living in remote areas having very less knowledge and a poor IQ as compare to urban population are being told that disease related to spine and brain or no more and curable all the treatments are available and feasible if done at early stage to make the common man understand the need for the treatment so that burden related to these disease can be minimised

The other thing is our NGO used to visit schools and colleges where students are being told about health for all health promotion and moreover they are being given lectures on road safety Road safety measures and how to prevent accidents need of the hour for the students to save the life of the victim or and other things related to road safety like road signs

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